Working with Design Thinking, Lean and Agile together!

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As product designers/managers, we are responsible for not just building and delivering great products quickly, but also making sure that the products we are delivering are solving the right problems, in the simplest ways. Our aim should be to develop people-centric products that focus on the pain points of our users, and allow them to perform tasks as fast as possible.

Scrum allows our teams to build and ship products faster, gather feedback quickly and reiterate. However, in order to make our sprints design-driven and user-centric, there is a need to do proper design and research across different ideas explored around solving the user’s pain points.

In order to do that successfully, there is a need to integrate different methods and processes to build a process of our own, that suits our needs and keeps us focused towards our biggest goal i.e. “solving the right problem in the right way.”

Of course there is no easy way to build a process that seems to work for your product, across all teams; from user research to design teams and from development to customer experience teams.

When building a feature, we go through different stages of the following process.

This process is a combination of Design Thinking, Lean UX and Agile, keeping in mind that the user comes first. It is very important to make sure that the right product is developed and the user problems are solved.

So iterating through the process of exploring and designing, before we actually start building is very important. So is the feedback loop to make sure that nothing is created without purpose.




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